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Indoor plants

Indoor plants makes your place look brighter and fresher. Indoor plants have multiple benefits for your health. It increases oxygen levels , cleanses air by absorbing toxins and pollutants. Plants make you feel happier by reducing stress and fatigue. Please find below indoor plants:

  • ... Fleshy Plant
  • ... Purple Petaled flowers
  • ... St Jozef Plant, clovia
  • ... Aloe Vera
  • ... Calathea Plants
  • ... Cactus, Succulents, Shelf
Outdoor Plant Garden

The main purpose of outdoor plants is to beautify the our surroundings. Plants acts as a shader, cooler and energy saver. Outdoor plants becomes home for many living beings. Please find below outdoor plants you find at our nursery -

  • ... Ferns
  • ... Crocus Plant
  • ... Lilac
  • ... Fir Plant
  • ... White Cosmos
  • ... Blooms

Garden contracting consists designing and planning of landscape. We will provide the landscape designers to sketch design for a garden and the plants which needs to be planted accordingly. Please find below different landscape designs we have developed -

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

  • Watering, The most common factor to keep our nursery alive is watering.
  • Keep the Plant Nursery Clean
  • Cleaning nursery can help you to keep the environment clean, also make the plants disease free, pollution free.
  • Use of plant pesticides and Organic Fertilizers

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