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In this busy world when you come from office to home the first thing you see is your garden and when it has beautiful flowers , different colors of leaves and birds chirping makes all your stress goes away. The green color give rise to feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace.

Plants are natural air purifier. Our surrounding is contained with numerous pollutants causing diseases. To fulfill the aim of planting more trees the Jagdamba nursery was established. The Jagdamba nursery was founded by Mr. Mahendra Kalbhor, Mr. Kamalkant Tiwari and Mr. Nileshkumar Tiwari in year 2012. The nursery is located in Loni Kalbhor, Pune. The nursery plants are cultivated in an area of 6 acre.

Vision and Mission


Our company’s vision is to provide best services to our client by building long lasting relationships. Our staff is full equipped with latest techniques to grow plants in organic way.


The mission of Jagdamba nursery is to help human beings to plant more trees which will help the environment. As trees absorbs odors, pollutants and cleanses the air. Planting more trees is a key to increase the oxygen levels in the atomsphere.


We should plan to water alternate day in the first of planting. In later weeks it can be done twice or thrice a week. If rainfall is sufficient then there is no need for watering.
Organic fertilizers are derived from remains of living things such as cow dung ,fish emulsion etc. Organic fertilizers release nutrients slowly in the soil and it benefits the plants. Synthetic fertilizers are produced from chemical substances. They provide nutrients to plants rapidly.
We grow our plants in Loni kalbhor which is located in Pune. We grow all our plants in from scratch. We take care of them in an organic way.
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